December 21, 2005


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I’ve seen some pretty good movies, but one sticks out at this moment.

Donnie Darko.

I recently went to party this weekend and there was much discourse about this movie. It forced me to renew interest in the movie. Trey had told me how awesome the movie was, but he also alluded to how it was a bit thrillerish. I kept thinking of the movie IT and decided not to watch it.

Then i went to and it made me think wtf is this movie. Then i watched it.

Great fucking movie. I told trey what i believe the movie is about and my arguments for why. IT is a good movie. I also love the sound track. Makes me think of my childhood.

One Response to “Movies”

  1. mayfly Says:

    i hope we get to watch this sometime soon. thank you for bringing it down. no thank you for watching without me. 😛 i’ve always wanted to watch it; you were always the one putting it off…