December 22, 2005

i’m not sure i can sleep.

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I feel tired, but i hate flying. I had a whole year of flight to learn that the experience isn’t enjoyable. It makes me feel physically ill.

I want to get a job where dropping 400 dollars on a round trip ticket doesn’t set me back. I’m tired of trying to find the 100 dollar fairs and building my life around them. Being forced on a three leg trip because it was all i could find on the way back. Buying tickets so far in advance that I have no real say in them.

buying tickets out of a city that has recently had an MTA strike. I’m worried i won’t be able to find a cab. I’m worried i’ll miss the plane. I’m so worried i can’t sleep.

I’ve flown way to much for it to be a novelty anymore. I want to make it less of a sink hole. And so, i vow now in front of everyone reading this that i will not be such a tight ass with my tickets next time. I will shell out the extra hundred dollars to go to newark instead. I will fly at decent times like 9:00 am. I will make it a 2 leg flight or less.

oh well… but thats neither here nor there… because i’m going tomorrow… i may need to catch a wink or so. hope i don’t forget anything… i got fred’s treat.

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