February 11, 2007

The Last King of Scotland

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I always have problems rating movies like these because i tend to give them more credit then they should possibly get because their subject matter is so incredibly relavent to our culture. Let me begin by saying that the movie was not as disturbing as I thought it would be. They case a light on Amin (dictator, played by Forest Whitaker) that gives him a very human and very real personality. His character is defined in such a way as to give an understanding behind his actions that I find difficult to contradict.

In fact that is the biggest success of the movie, defining the situation in such a way as to make the horror seem secondary. I think the main character (played by Nicholas Garrigan) was written and played very well. The character was necessary for the story to be told as it was told. You see that is the beauty I have been hinting at. Without ruining the movie, i guess i can simply say that the situation is constructed in such a way as to teach everyone about the Ugandan situation. Like father, like son. As Britain, so America.

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