January 2, 2005

Lord of the rings…

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Mary and I have been playing Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. Apparently, and this was just learned by me, Boromir was cursed and seduced by Sauromon the white wizard. That is why he attacked poor frodo. It was because he was a plant by Sauroman.

Anyone else bothered about this little modification?

I hate it because it makes the ring out to be a lot weaker the originally made out to be. Now it can’t even turn a decent individual to the darkside without help. I liked the idea that The ring had enough power to turn boromir against his best wishes. It made Aragorn look that much stronger and morally sound. Now it just happens to be the case that Aragorn was hidden from the white wizard while Boromir was not.


p.s. mary and i are on good grounds… i think…

2 Responses to “Lord of the rings…”

  1. mayfly Says:

    The game doesn’t HAVE to ruin the book! You don’t have to look at it that way! You could look at it like Sauron planted Boromir in the path of… ❗ Just kidding! Who cares! :mrgreen: Enjoyed talking last night. 😀

  2. snaars Says:

    Yes, it bothers me too. The ring’s influence is insidious. At first, the victims tell themselves they will use the ring only for good, then the ring’s power slowly twists them and changes them according to its evil blueprint. Boromir was a hero. Though stubborn and not the brightest candle on the cake, he was strong, valorous, etc. The storyline you describe doesn’t just weaken the ring’s power, it weakens Boromir’s character as well. The game adds this plotline just to create more events, but in the process the existing story is watered down, not strengthened. I belong to a writer’s forum, and you wouldn’t believe how many young would-be fantasy writers out there think Tolkien’s writing is boring and a waste of time. I grew up reading it, I lost count of how many times I read it, and I still get something new out of it anytime I pick it up. I can’t believe there are literate people out there that don’t appreciate it or respect it. On the other hand, I welcome differing opinions if anyone has one. 🙂