January 5, 2005


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the day before yesterday i went into new york and watched the life aquatic with steve zissou… bad movie… boring and dry humour, so dry it slaps you in the face… i hated the acting… i hated the dialogue… i hated everything about it.

yesterday i saw Kinsey. Great movie. great ideas… great concepts. thoroughly enjoyed the film. I read some information before seeing the movie which gave me background to the movie… apparently a large portion of the film is accurate. i enjoyed the film and recommend it to everyone.

I was walking aroud yesterday, and it struck me how strange it feels to be in this city and not be a tourist. I mean i guess i am still a tourist but it is starting to feel like i’m more the just a tourist… it is odd..

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  1. dramke Says:

    Okay, it is alright to enjoy and stay there for a while, but PLEASE don’t fall in love with it and never want to come back a little closer.